The Process

The process of the counselling relationship – the way we work together, is based around a few principles, such as time, duration and structure.

The client meets with the counsellor at a regular time for a session of 50 minutes.
This time gives the client an opportunity to talk about him/herself and what is of concern. The counsellor will introduce herself and will keep the focus on the client

The Beginning

Some people find the early sessions of a counselling relationship difficult and uncomfortable, as they are unsure what is expected of them, or how to proceed when they are given time to talk about themselves. There are no hard and fast rules as to what is right or wrong, and there is room to talk things through with the counsellor. How the client feels is an important aspect of the counselling sessions. If there are any concerns about confidentiality or other aspects of the counselling process, it is best to raise these issues in the early stages so they can be addressed at the beginning.

The Middle

The ongoing therapeutic work includes sessions and breaks, which the therapist announces in advance.

The End

Working towards an ending is an important aspect of the therapeutic process. It is inadvisable to stop abruptly; patient and therapist will discuss the ending and work towards a closure. The time frame for the ending is usually a minimum of one month, and it is not unusual that it is much longer.

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